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Patch Notes 12-13-2019

Discussion in 'Game Maintenances' started by Pyrite, Dec 13, 2019.

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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    With this patch we are introducing the winter and christmas season to the battlefield! Besides a range of new sets and weapons, the lobby has turned into a winterly atmosphere. Since heavily requested, we have made adjustments to the weapon upgrade system. The overall upgrade chances have been increased and the super glue item does now increase the chances for a successful upgrade for level 8 and 9.

    Our team wishes you nice winter holidays. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

    Full Patch Log:

    Capsule Machine

    Red Riding Hood Mix
    Glacies Mix
    Saint Nick Mix
    Santa's Elves Mix
    New Year's Joker
    Holiday Joker
    Gift Gun
    Holiday Tree

    * Previous Mix collections are now available for Coins


    Glacies Box

    Miscellaneous Changes:

    Seasonal clan ranking reset
    Overall weapon upgrade rates increased
    Superglue now increases chances for weapon level 8 and 9 upgrade
    Magic Broom, Sweet Lollipop and Candy Cane can now be upgraded
    Arondight & Claymore can now be upgraded
    Removed wrong bonus effect from item description of CHIP Tight Set
    The top 5 clans of the last season have received the title "Raven Hunters"
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