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Patch Notes 11-28-2019

Discussion in 'Game Maintenances' started by Pyrite, Nov 28, 2019.

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    Jun 17, 2017
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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    This maintenance has mainly been used to resolve the balancing issues of the weapons introduced with the previous patch. Additionally since it was highly requested, we have also added a new CHIP, Knox and Kai set to the capsule machine, along with a new rare shop box and web shop items.

    Capsule Machine

    White Baron Mix
    Red Fanatic Mix
    Shinobi Mix
    Herc Mix
    Titan Mix


    Shinobi Box (Golden Shinobi)

    Web Shop

    Pin Head (Unlimited)
    Pipe Scope (Unlimited)
    High Voltage (Unlimited)


    Polka-dot Brolly accessoires added to the Imber se capsule collections
    Weapon stats of Masamune, Oda, Parasol and Brolly series balanced
    Arondight and Claymore are now listed under the correct coupon shop category

    Map Changes

    Magic Paper Land & Magic Paper Land Large

    Bug where players could climb a wall and jump on a lantern - Fixed
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