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Patch Notes 11-21-2019

Discussion in 'Game Maintenances' started by Pyrite, Nov 21, 2019.

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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    With this patch, we have tackled and resolved some long existing bugs in maps. The halloween lantern event has ended; but don't worry! If you have not collected every unlimited accessoire yet, you have now the chance to win the missing pieces in the capsule machine. Besides from three brand new weapon collections, the capsule machine now contains several combo categories with clothes and weapons fitting to the ending fall season. On top of that, you can now obtain Arms Race skins which were previously only available in the Arms Race game mode. We hope that you enjoy the patch. For a detailed patch log, please see below.

    Capsule Machine

    Masamune Sniper
    Celiot Bazooka
    Oda Shotgun
    Imber Mix
    Red Imber Mix
    Pluvia Mix
    Halloween Mix
    Arms Race Rifle
    Arms Race Shotgun

    Coupon Shop



    Brolly Box


    Lantern event has ended
    Master Ronin melee balanced
    Fixed condor set preview image

    Map Changes


    Window bug in red base - Fixed

    Battle Mine

    Bug in an entrance which made it possible to climb on top of a building - Fixed


    Bug which made it possible to jump on the house in red base - Fixed

    FGYJ Large

    Players could jump on top of the handle of the open box - Fixed

    Bitmap 2

    Bug where players could stand on top of the chair in blue base - Fixed
    Bug where players could reach the top of the red letters in blue base - Fixed
    Bug where players could jump behind the bottom of the chairs - Fixed

    MPL Large

    Bug where players could reach the top of the castle - Fixed

    Rumpus Room 2

    Bug where you could stack up to jump into a high spot towards blue base/middle - Fixed
    Bug where you could jump on an edge of the red big block near red base - Fixed
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