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Patch Notes 10-24-2019

Discussion in 'Game Maintenances' started by Pyrite, Oct 24, 2019.

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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    The recent patch 'Trick or Treat' contains the following content:

    • New Capsule Collections
    Halloween Hammer
    Dracula Rifle
    Zavol Shotgun
    Shinken Gatling
    Buster Bazooka
    Chambermaid Set
    Charming Set
    Enchanting Set
    Hot Nurse Set

    • New Coupon Shop Items
    Comrade Anna Combo (Speed)
    Comrade Anna Combo (HP)

    • New Bonus Shop Items
    Halloween Pumpkin Bucket

    • Event
    Enemies will now randomly drop lanterns, which can be collected to obtain special prizes.
    The event is active in the following modes:
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Close Combat
    • Sniper Mode
    • Capture the Battery
    • Bomb Battle
    • Free For All

    • Map Changes
    New map Rumpus Room 2

    • Shop Changes
    Halloween Hammer Box
    Creepy Face Box
    10-Pack Superglue and 5-Pack Superglue
    Battery Expansion price changed => 5,500 RT
    Upgrade Reset price changed => 3,800 RT


    * Seasonal reset of the clan ranking
    * Fixed a bug which led to frequent game crashes
    * Weapon stats of Sweet Lollipop, Magical Broom and Candy Cane changed to weapon type A

    Found a bug? Please let us know by opening a ticket in the support area or posting a thread into the forum bug section. An overview of already fixed bugs and glitches can be found here: https://toyheroes.net/forum/index.php?threads/bug-fix-patch-notes.7901/
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