Patch Notes 10-08-2019

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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    The recent patch 'Back To School' contains the following content:


    • New Capsule Collections
    Lush School (RT, MP, Coin)
    Lush Class (RT)
    Tomboy School (RT, MP, Coin)
    Tomboy Class (RT)
    Lovely Student (RT, MP, Coin)
    Delightful Student (RT)

    • New Bonus Shop Items
    School Bag (Candy)
    Academy Bag (Candy)

    • Website Changes
    New Achievement System

    • Miscellaneous
    Removal of summer capsule set collections
    Removal of summer theme and music

    • Bugs & Technical
    Fixed too low direct shot damage of Hermes and Zeus
    Added missing item descriptions to Jungle Explorer set
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