Patch Notes 09-18-2019

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    Dear Toy Heroes,

    The recent patch contains the following content:


    With this patch we are introducing a first round of unlimited shop part collections. These unlimited versions are exclusively available in the capsule machine.

    • New Capsule Collections
    Horus Blast (RT, MP, Coin)
    Horus Precision (RT, MP, Coin)
    Horus Madness (RT, MP, Coin)
    Red Screwdriver (RT, MP, Coin)
    Blue Screwdriver (RT)
    Bureau Worker (RT, MP, Coin)
    Office Worker (RT)
    Desert Explorer (RT, MP, Coin)
    Jungle Explorer (RT)

    • New Shop Box
    Horus Blast Box (RT)

    • Website Changes
    The members of a clan are now public and can be viewed on every clan profile.

    • Bugs & Technical
    The 5% runspeed effect has been removed from the volley ball accessoires

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