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Patch Notes 03-11-2020

Discussion in 'Game Maintenances' started by Pyrite, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Full Patch Notes

    Capsule Machine

    Hattori Mix
    Hiking Mix
    Wizard Mix
    Sheriff Mix


    Onion Box
    Hot Shot Box

    Web Shop

    Blue Horse Shoe (Unlimited)
    Purple Horse Shoe (Unlimited)
    Green Horse Shoe (Unlimited)

    Various collections have been removed from the capsule machine and shop

    Miscellaneous Changes

    - New design and various visual interface changes
    - Overall game performance and speed improved
    - Match reward system improved, match skill influence increased
    - Every weapon does now have the same upgrade requirements
    - Fixed a bug where daily gifts were sometimes given out too early
    - Fixed a bug where some players could not upgrade the tracker boss melees further than level 1
    - Seasonal clan ranking reset

    Map Changes

    Rumpus Room 2

    - Bug where players could jump into the red base by glitching into a wall - Fixed
    - Bug where players could jump into the blue base by glitching into a wall - Fixed
    - Bug where players could stack up and stand on top of cardboard edge - Fixed
    - Bug where players inside cardboard could climb a wall - Fixed

    Toy Garden 2

    - Bug where players could suicide through a hole in the ground near blue base - Fixed
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