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Patch Notes 02-12-2020

Discussion in 'Game Maintenances' started by Pyrite, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Full Patch Notes

    Game Changes

    HP can now be changed in the room settings
    Ammunation capacity can now be changed in the room settings
    Explosives can now be limited to 1 (located in the room setting window)
    Increased sniper ammunition in sniper-only mode
    Increased ammunition of all weapons when a weapon-limitation setting is active

    Capsule Machine

    Chocolate Heart
    Love Gun
    Dark Chocolate Mix
    White Chocolate Mix
    Leopard Mix
    Ladylike Mix
    Lovely Mix

    * Dark Samurai has been added to the coin capsule machine

    Miscellaneous Changes

    The experience on player profiles is now correctly displayed
    The invasion score on player profiles is now correctly displayed
    Tracker Boss melees can now be upgraded
    Tracker Boss melees have been balanced
    Abyss Bazooka has been balanced

    Coupon Shop

    Mint Chocolate Heart(Coupon)
    Tasty Chocolate Heart(Coupon)
    Dark Chocolate Heart(Coupon)
    Sweet Chocolate Heart(Coupon)
    Spicy Chocolate Heart(Coupon)

    Bonus Shop

    Frozen Cake (Unlimited)
    Mauve Cake (Unlimited)
    Tangerine Cake (Unlimited)
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