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New Weapon Types - Overview
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Dear Heroes,

With the latest patch we have introduced a range of new weapon types to the game as opposed to the usual A/B/C system. While a lot of players will be familiar with most concepts due to the Arms Race and Zombie Mode, we have created an overview of the most important new weapon types for newer players.

(i) While the new weapon types are currently only available in the (Summer) Victory Boxes, there is a high probability that they will be embedded into the base game and be freely accessable in the future based on the community feedback.

Sticky Launcher (Special)
A bazooka which shoots rockets that stick to the surface for a short amount of time before exploding.

Flamethrower (Special)
A gatling gun with medium damage that inflicts a burning effect on the enemy. The burning effect reduces sight and causes ongoing damage for four seconds.
Blizzard (Special)
A grenade launcher with low damage that inflicts a freezing effect on the enemy. Frozen enemies move slower and have slightly reduced sight.
Flash MiniGun (Special)
A gatling gun with moderate damage. The fire rate increases the longer you shoot with it.
Firestorm (Special)
A grenade launcher with low damage that inflicts a burning effect on the enemy.
Charon (Special)
A rifle with high head shot damage but low body damage.
Assault Guitar (Special)
A high precision rifle with moderate damage. Hits enemies reliably over long distances.
Quartermaster (Special)
A rifle with slow fire rate but increased damage
Potato Prime (Special)
A bazooka with one rocket per clip, slow equip and reload speed but high damage
Predator (Special)
A grenade launcher with one grenade per clip, slow equip and reload speed but high damage
Solar Beam (Special)
A bazooka with two high speed rocket projectiles per clip; with low to moderate damage
Solar Bomb (Special)
A grenade launcher with two long range and high speed grenades per clip; with low to moderate damage
Lionhead (Special)
A grenade launcher with a large explosion range and moderate damage
GiftGun (Special)
A shotgun with one shot per clip, medium range but high damage
Outlaw (Special)
A bazooka with four rockets per clip, medium projectile speed but low damage
Pumpkin Gun (Special)
A bazooka with bouncing rockets, high damage and medium explosion range
Ghostbuster (Special)
A bazooka which inflicts (almost) lethal damage but has a small exploision range which needs to be aimed carefully.
Ace (Special)
A short range grenade launcher that shoots three grenades at once, optimized for direct shots
AWM (Special)
A sniper that guarantees a kill regardless of the body part hit, combined with slow reload time and equipment speed.
Intervention (Special)
A sniper that shoots in bursts of three. At least two shots are required to hit for lethal damage.
Impact Grenade Launcher (Special)
A strong grenade launcher where grenades explode immediately once they hit a surface.
Plum (Special)
A five-clip shotgun with high damage and medium range. In medium range, two to three hits are required for lethal damage.
Red Saber (Special)
A melee with high speed but low damage.
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