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Player report : Undetected
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Hey guys please report Hwk5 , Undetected , Hvrrz this guy is scamming people and selling items for real money he is breaking all rules, his account Hvrrz has banned and he moved all his items to a new account so he can keep trick the moderators and people and keep scamming people please ban him forever . His discord was TiagoCepa but after he scammed me he changed his discord name to Faggot#7748 and blocked me and he is changing names in game so nobody will know its him his ingame name now is : Undetected I have pictures and proof of him scamming me and he scamming many people please do something. please ban all his accounts he made a new account name ingame : Undetected and he is keep selling items for real money and scamming people and steal their money please ban him forever.
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11 Nov 2022, 03:54
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I don t know what you trying to do, but that is not real at all.
Why don t you tell the full story? That you bought items and run away? Without paying it ?
17 Nov 2022, 09:23