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Old accounts..
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Hi, id like to know if there will be any possibility for old accounts to be able to pay back paypal chargebacks Thats all thanks.3
02 Jul 2022, 12:57
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Unfortunately, there is no possibility to pay back the charge back amount because refunding / charge backs defy the Terms of Agreement each player signs when they first create their accounts. By breaking this agreement, Toy Heroes is subjected to deny any services to that account.

Reasons being is that when the buyer disputes the claim, the seller (ToyHeroes) is charged with a chargeback fee. If the transaction is protected by the Seller Protection Policy, PayPal will cover the amount of the chargeback and waive the chargeback fee.

Even if the player decides to refund the chargeback amount, the seller is still at a loss simply because they owe a chargeback fee along with an additional transaction fee. Overall, it's lengthy and costly process for the seller. To prevent such incidents its best to deny services to the buyer.

Hopefully this explains why we can't get back your account, sorry for your loss. Hope you have a good day

Best Regards ~ [MOD]iBonnie
04 Jul 2022, 23:19