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To all this may concern.

Unfortunately, the reason the support ticket system is down due to support being on "vacation". With that being said, here are other alternative ways to contact support.

1) contacting them via email.
However, support may reply back to you within a few days, up to a week.

2) In-case of a ban related question as to why you were ban, etc. You can contact Astro (Head Moderator)
Astro's Discord: Xaranio#7355

3) In-case of player reports (mutes, account suspensions, mute history, cheat programs / third-party programs, etc.) any other THO related information such as file restorations, patch fixes, ToS Agreements, In-game rules, Paypal Information / Policies, chargebacks. You may contact us, Moderators.

Moderators (Most Active):

[MOD]Autumn: Just Grandpa Autumn#0918
[MOD]Zurumi: Zurumi#6969
[MOD]Chainsaw: Madsen#0666
[MOD]iBonnie: Bons#5377
[MOD]Goldcore: GoldCore#6092

4) In-case of THO's official discord related topics / questions. Please contact Discord Moderators / Server Operator.

Server Operator:

Discord Moderators:

Just Grandpa Autumn#0918
[DM]PhillySteak: Kimchi#5977

Sorry for the inconveniences. We appreciate your patience!

~Best Regards, Staff Team.
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Can you delete the message here please
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