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Black Sommelier Uniform
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Hey guys. I just wanted to ask if the Black Sommelier Unifromis worth anything since there is no other on the Marketplace for trading. Tnx:)
May 22, 2022
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Hi [Fifee]

Which Sommelier set are you referring to?
I believe you're referring to the Naomi Sommelier Set. The set is an unreleased set, which means it was never released in the span of THO. The set is valued low A tier rarity since the set is not favored aesthetically by certain players. What makes it rare is the exclusivity of it.

Who owns these parts?

Sommelier Pants:
(HP) - Owner: [MOD]iBonnie
(HP) - Owner: teletubienunu96

Sommelier Top:
(HP) - Owner: PrettyAngel

Total: Only 3 parts exist.
May 27, 2022