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[UNOFFICIAL] TastyHero WAGER 1v1 EVENT - every week
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Hi competitive heroes,I was thinking about how I could challenge some people in this game and maybe have more fun to play again with this new concept of event.
I have asked the support and this is allowed which I am happy about but now I gotta see if people are interested in this kinda concept.

What is the concept?
I was thinking about to make a 1v1 CSD wager event every week. This means I want to give you guys the opportunity to win items from my inventory if you win against me in a 1vs1 FFA game till 20 kills. BUT there is a catch, I was thinking about to give myself a handicap (like I am only allowed to use sniper for 5 kills or going full basic etc..) with a spinning wheel. The thing is, you can 1vs1 me with full CSD weapons for free and try win the item OR you have to donate me on twitch (value of items increase or lower the donate you have to make to give me a handicap = this means if you want to win my G22E-B the donate for handicap will be like 2 euros but if you want to win my Tlaloc fear lvl 9 you have to donate 5 euros for the handicap because its an higher value item). The support is saying this is allowed because it's your own responsibility to donate me for the HANDICAP and not for the items to buy or anything, just to make it easier to win the 1vs1 against me and get the item. I will always be live streaming on when I am playing this event so there is proof for me and the enemy if somethings goes unfair/wrong.

My Ingame name is TastyHero.
Let me know what you guys think about this concept in the comments!

- You must record the full game (1vs1) if you WIN against me and show it to me. Else there is no way to receive your item because there are some cheaters out here.
- Must be lvl 30+ to participate
- Ping underneath 150 ms
- Can't hide longer than 20 seconds on the same spot

Must know:
- Most of these events will be hosted by me on a Sunday around 7PM (Dutch time)
- How to register? There is no register, when I go live I will ask if they can make an announcement in the ToyHeroes discord and from the people that will be in the chat and ask if they can play I make a list. The faster you ask the higher up on the list you are.

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